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Amethyst with Chalcedony
Amethyst with Chalcedony
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Amethyst with Chalcedony

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6th & 7th chakras
Amethyst is a facilitator of connection with
Spirit guides and angels. It is a stone of spiritual
protection, purification, and growth. It is a
meditation aid and helps move the wearer into
higher states of consciousness.
Amethyst is a useful ally in overcoming negative
mental and emotional patterns. It often makes
the wearer feel as if one is surrounded in a
bubble of light.
Amethyst is often used for overcoming
addictions, nerve disorders and aids in
oxygenation of the blood.


5th Chakra
Chalcedony is a stone of connection that
stimulates the throat chakra, allowing one to
speak their truth. Also used to ward of psychic
attack and repel negative energy.
Promotes brotherhood by bringing energy of
love, kindness and goodwill. Absorbs and
dissolves negative energy, thoughts and
emotions. Alleviates hostility and transforms
it into joy.
Known to lessen the effects of dementia. Aids
in healing the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen,
blood and circulatory system. Increases
physical energy.

*Measurements are Approximate*

Height = 3"

Width = 4"

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