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Desert Rose
Desert Rose
Desert Rose
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Desert Rose

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6th, 7th- Third Eye & Crown Chakras
A variation of selenite, desert rose is an angelic
stone. Helps one to access past lives and access
future lives. Allows glimpses of what’s to come
so that one may make appropriate choices for
the here and now. Especially helpful during
meditation to strengthen the power of positive
affirmations. Brings protection, prosperity
and purification, and is known to neutralize
negative energy or clear energy from objects,
even people, and send that energy to mother
earth, if needed, for healing.
Desert rose is a stone of the mind and
enhances mental ability and clarity. Used in
crystal healings to quiet worries and still the
mind from distractions. The stone brings to
light perceptions of all kinds, including
intuitive perception. The energy of the Desert
Rose is very gentle and it teaches one that life
is worth all of it’s ups & downs.
Desert Rose is said to be helpful for the spine
and the skeleton in general, and for aligning
the spine properly. The stone has also been
known to ease epileptic seizure activity.
**Approximately 1" to 2" Piece** 

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