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First Sober Christmas Box

First Sober Christmas Box

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Celebrate the season of reflection, happiness, and love with our "First Sober Christmas Box" - a gift that holds a special place in the hearts of newcomers to sobriety. The holidays are a time of joy and togetherness, and we understand that the newcomer needs that love and support more than anyone. The first sober Christmas can be challenging, as they may not yet have family or many friends back in their life. That's why this box is exceptionally meaningful; it embodies the program in action, the concept of "giving it away to keep it."

Inside this extraordinary box, you'll find a selection of gifts designed to create lasting memories and provide unwavering support during the holiday season and beyond:

  1. Stuffed Animal of Your Choice: Choose the perfect stuffed animal companion to offer comfort and companionship, a symbol of the love and care that surrounds them on this important journey.

  2. 11oz Mug: Start each day with a smile as they sip their morning coffee from this heartfelt mug. It's a reminder of the love and warmth of the program, helping them embrace each sober day with gratitude.

  3. Pine Scented Candle: This candle symbolizes the light within, a beacon of hope and inspiration that shines brightly as they navigate the path to recovery. Let its scent fill their space as a reminder to keep pushing forward.

  4. Christmas Tree Ornament: Hang this ornament on the tree every year, and let it be a symbol of their first Christmas in recovery, where the program loved them back to life. It's a beautiful reminder of their journey and the support that surrounds them.

The gifts in this box are more than just items; they represent the spirit of the program and the power of love and fellowship. The stuffed animal may find its place on a shelf or a desk, and its presence will always bring happiness. The candle will continue to shine brightly, urging them to persevere through challenges. The mug will bring comfort and smiles every morning.

Recovery is a "we" program, and this box serves as a tangible expression of that unity. Give the best gift of all: Sobriety, love, and support.

If it's not their first sober Christmas, be sure to check out our "Merry Sober Christmas Box" for another thoughtful way to celebrate their journey.

This holiday season, show your love and support with the "First Sober Christmas Box." With a combined value of $77 before shipping, it's a gift that will be treasured and remembered for every sober Christmas to come. Please note that supplies are limited, and orders for these items will start shipping on December 14th. Don't miss the opportunity to make this holiday season extra special. Order now!


*Orders for these items will ship starting December 14th.*

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