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Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite
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Orange Calcite

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Orange calcite is a very energizing and cleansing stone that blesses you with a wave of energy. Metaphysical properties of Orange Calcite are:

  • Cleanses your physical body as well as your environment of negative energy,
  • Boosts vitality,
  •  Quickens your spiritual development, 
  • Promotes happiness and joy, 
  • Boosts your awareness,
  • Assists you with discovering and embracing your soul purpose,
  • Facilitates intuitive visions as well as enhances your psychic powers, 
  • Helps in channelling, 
  • Improves creativity,
  • Improves motivation,
  • Removes “fuzz” and improves focus, 
  • Dispels laziness and energises you,
  • Stimulates the memory,
  • Endorses the healing of damaged tissues in the body,
  •  Promotes resiliency,
  • Supports a healthy skin-care routine,
  • Banishes the energetic roots of depression, as well as 
  • Encourages the energetic healing of the reproductive system.

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