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Rose Quartz Point small

Rose Quartz Point small

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4th Chakra—Heart

Used in meditation, Rose Quartzspeaks
directly to the heartchakra and circulates
a divineloving energy throughout the
entire aura.Itcarries a high
spiritual attunement to the
Earth, Universe, and
the Divine.

Rose Quartzis a stone of the heart, a crystal of
unconditional love.It isef ectivein attracting
new love,romance and intimacy, orin
developing a closer bond with family and
friends. Rose Quartzinspiresthelove of
beauty in self and others, in nature, and
especially that which stimulatesthe
imagination - art, music and
the written word.

Rose Quartzengenderstherelease of tension
and stress.It’slove vibrationscan generateto
thecellularlevel,reprogramming thecells
forjoy and longevity ratherthan
despair and death.

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