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Smudge Kit
Smudge Kit
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Smudge Kit

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Smudge Kit
Smudging is a way of cleansing your body,
mind and spirit to prepare for prayer and mediation.
Also use your smudge kit any time you need to
calm and quiet yourself or cleanse your space.
The actions and scents released will help to build a
sacred space where negativity can be set aside.
Your Smudge Kit includes the following:
White Sage: known for its cleansing properties,
this herb is believed to promote healing,
wisdom, protection and longevity
Palo Santo Cone/Sticks: burned as incense to alleviate
pain, inflammation and stress, it also clears out
negative energy
Feather: used in ritual to represent the soaring spirit
of the bird
Abalone Shell: container for burning herbs that offers
protection and emotional balance, a natural
shielding that blesses you with tranquility
Camel Agate Tumble Stone: the calming and healing
properties of this stone gently facilitate confidence
& self-acceptance and overcomes bitterness
To smudge:
Select a place to sit quietly,
preferably away from all distractions.
Set the abalone shell out in front of you.
Use matches to mindfully light the sage or the
Palo Santo stick. As the smoke wafts up,
use the feather to direct it around the head and body
as a way of cleansing your spirit, body and mind.
Hold the stone in your hand to embody and facilitate
self-confidence. Relax and breathe in slowly as you
turn your mind to your prayer or meditation.
Continue to be aware of the breath.
Try these rituals:
Quietly stand and waft the smoke around the
entire body to cleanse and purify it.
Carrying the abalone shell with a smoking stick or cone,
walk slowly around the entire room,
building a sacred space by directing the smoke
up into the corners of the room.
Smudge the entry way by directing the wafting smoke
around the circumference of the door.

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