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Soy Gem Candle Cleansing White Sage and Selenite

Soy Gem Candle Cleansing White Sage and Selenite

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This all-white candle represents clarity. Smudge the negative out and invite the positive in. The Selenite stones will give more light to the intentions, representing the light. Open the portal inside you that seeks more clarification. Cleanse your space and free your mind. Meditate on the positive and release the negative for more clarity in your destiny. Invoke the light of the spirit. Let the light guide you.

The purity of the imported French fragrance oil and non-lead wick ensure a clean burn.

Decorative lined lid to keep it clear of dust.

H= 41/2", Diameter 31/2"
9oz Candle 

Approximately 49 hours of burning time

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