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Soy Gem Candle Grounding Sandalwood and Hematite

Soy Gem Candle Grounding Sandalwood and Hematite

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Ground yourself in the spirit. Plant your feet firmly in the earth with deep intentions. Feel your energy connected to nature. Align your thoughts to stay centered and stable in your spiritual work. Visualize your thought, intention, prayer, or whatever you want to put into the universe. Close your eyes and take a few soothing breaths. Place your hands lovingly over your heart and give yourself permission to let go and deeply connect with your divinity.

The purity of the imported French fragrance oil and non-lead wick ensure a clean burn.

Decorative lined lid to keep it clear of dust.

H= 41/2", Diameter 31/2"
9oz Candle 

Approximately 49 hours of burning time

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