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Soy Gem Candle Problem Solver Amber and Tiger Eye

Soy Gem Candle Problem Solver Amber and Tiger Eye

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The world today can feel overwhelmed with problems.  We feel pulled in many directions with all the “stuff." The problems can feel piled up at times. There is a solution.  We have the light of the spirit to guide us in helping to see it. We can find the answers as we meditate and focus more energy on solving rather than chaos. With one foot in front of the other, we are guided to new thoughts. Ask the universe what you can do and release that into your day. Magnify your mind in deep connection to the light and feel it resonate in your soul. Everything will be okay today.  

Problem Solver natural soy wax candle is scented with Amber and contains Tiger Eye chips.

Light this candle to help gain insight and move past obstacles.

The purity of the imported French fragrance oil and non-lead wick ensure a clean burn.

Decorative lined lid to keep it clear of dust.

H= 41/2", Diameter 31/2"
9oz Candle 

Approximately 49 hours of burning time

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