Collection: Crystallized Bling Recovery Medallions

Sobriety chips (AKA coins, medallions, tokens) are given and received to commemorate the milestones of various lengths of sobriety, clean time or abstinence. They are tangible reminders of where we have been, where we are going and to keep on keep’n on. 

The origins of the Crystalized Triplate Bling Sobriety Chips… was it odd or GOD?

From the company owner and lead designer Kimberly: “Back in 2009 it seemed like I was adding bling crystals to everything I owned; cellphone case, ski goggles, motorcycle helmet. Nothing was left un-crystalized. While we were working out the challenges of the minting process for our triplate sobriety chips (these are harder to mint than you’d think!) an accidental spill of crystals onto some coins gave us the idea that gave birth to what you see below.”

Remember: Your purchases directly contribute to our mission of service, by giving back and offering second chances in the workspace. We hire from our recovery community, local treatment and recovery homes.
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