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Sober AF Tri-Plate Medallion
Sober AF Tri-Plate Medallion
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Sober AF Tri-Plate Medallion

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It’s one thing to get sober, it’s another thing to stay sober. All the information coming in, all the feelings coming back. The realization that you are really, sober af!! This collection is a reminder to stay that way and chill the eff out in the meantime. Everything will be okay. Relax and take it easy. Sobriety is not a race. Learn how to stay sober one day at a time. Be excited about being sober by showcasing these chips and let everyone know that we are not a glum lot just because we got sober af!!

Your sobriety is a BIG DEAL!!

The front of the chip is an edgy design proclaiming "Sober AF." The back of the chip contains the fun reminder, "Chill the Eff Out." Both sides are sealed in a high-quality, chip and scratch-resistant resin dome giving it a beautiful glossy look that will last.

This sobriety chip features:

  • High-quality 14k gold-plated brass for the embossed text, symbol outlines and outside edge ring.
  • 34mm (1.38 inches) diameter.
  • The chip is slightly thicker than 14 gauge because of the resin-sealed dome that gives it its shine.
  • Chip and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean with a cloth.
  • The thick resin coating keeps it vibrant through the years. 
  • Great for use like a worry stone (a worry chip!).
  • Convenient size to be carried in your pocket, purse or wallet.
  • It can be added to a keychain chip holder, necklace chip holder, or Big Book cover with a chip holder.

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