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A Guide To The Big Book's Design For Living With Yourself: Steps 4-7

A Guide To The Big Book's Design For Living With Yourself: Steps 4-7

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Living with Others invites you to encounter and explore the final five Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, as explained and outlined in the Big Book. Guided by more than 20 exercises, you will learn to engage and apply the Twelve Steps as a design for living that produces life-affirming and active change.

Living with Others takes us through the last five of the Big Book’s Twelve Steps. Offering guidance for living with others, this workbook helps us understand key  concepts like the harmony of working a daily spiritual program through making amends, continuing to take a personal inventory, practicing prayer and meditation, and carrying the message of spiritual awakening to others.

Whether you’re new to a Twelve Step program or simply reviewing the Big Book, Living with Others is an excellent resource for working Steps Seven through Seven for the first time—or any time on your recovery journey.

Created to reinforce important points from the best-selling book, A Program for You: A Guide to the Big Book’s Design for Living, this workbook helps you truly live your recovery through the Twelve Steps.

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