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AA Recovery Medallion - Sober Queen

AA Recovery Medallion - Sober Queen

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Assume the leading role in your life. You have already done so much for the position.  Through the fires we have been forged. Getting and staying sober is just the beginning. We learn how to care for ourselves like a queen now, so that we can lead and guide today. We have been given tools and we have respect today.  We have compassion today. We are Mothers, Partners, Wives, sisters, aunts, and friends today. Lead the way Sober Queens and teach others to be queens of their new lives.

This Black sparkle chip is stunning, just like you. The gold tone inlay of the crown and verbiage will tell everyone so. Stand tall and firm in your new role. This coin will shine forever as the queens we are. Our past does not define us any longer. Today we sit at the head of the table, in the throne room. No more following others, they follow you. 

The back of the chip has the quote: "As God’s people will stand on our feet, we crawl before no one."

This sobriety chip features:

  • High-quality 14k gold-plated brass for the embossed text, symbol outlines and outside edge ring.
  • 34mm (1.38 inches) diameter.
  • The chip is slightly thicker than 14 gauge because of the resin-sealed dome that gives it its shine.
  • Chip and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean with a cloth.
  • The thick resin coating keeps it vibrant through the years. 
  • Great for use like a worry stone (a worry chip!).
  • Convenient size to be carried in your pocket, purse or wallet.
  • It can be added to a keychain chip holder, necklace chip holder, or Big Book cover with a chip holder.
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