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AA Recovery Medallion - Transition Purple Bling Crystallized on Purple

AA Recovery Medallion - Transition Purple Bling Crystallized on Purple

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This commemorative sobriety medallion has a beautiful glossy finish, entirely hand-painted, purple on the front, and black on the back, with the circle and triangle AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) symbol on both sides in embossed 14k gold-plated brass. It features a handcrafted (see below) purple, lavender and diamond genuine crystal triangle on the front, inside the AA symbol triangle, and a single purple genuine crystal on the back at the center of the chip.

Out of the ashes we rise a new person. We have transitioned from caterpillar to butterfly. We come from the dark into the light. We have been restored. These medallions represent the journey as the 21 genuine crystals start from dark into crystal sparkle. Recovery is a process. Healing involves going through changes that gently transform us. As we transform and change, miracles happen!

Did you know that in Ancient Greece they would line the insides of their goblets with Amethyst to ward off drunkenness? We all know it takes way more work than that, but this purple chip will be the perfect reminder to stay the course of sobriety on your journey through recovery. Purple is also the crown chakra and sits at the top of the head and represents our connection to our higher self and a higher power. Allow this collection to represent the receiving of both gifts mentioned and so much more. In recovery we have so much to give, share, and receive.

Choose your time stamp from 1-45 years (in Roman numerals, 14k gold-plated brass). 

The front of this recovery token contains a slogan and the Three Legacies, and the time chosen commemorating the length of sobriety being celebrated, in embossed 14k gold-plated brass on a rich background of hand-painted purple.

  • “To Thine Own Self Be True” motto is embossed around the top outside of the chip, arching within the AA symbol formed by the shape of the chip.
  • “Unity, Service, Recovery,” the Three Legacies of recovery, is embossed around the three sides of the AA symbol triangle (symbolic of the Three Legacies) at the center.
  • The time of sobriety you choose is shown at the center of a circle inside the AA symbol on the chip.

The back of the coin shows the “AA Serenity Prayer” in embossed 14k gold-plated brass on a background of hand-painted purple, surrounding a small circle and triangle AA symbol in purple and black. It reads:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Both sides are sealed in a high-quality, chip and scratch-resistant resin dome giving it a beautiful glossy look that will last.

This sobriety chip features:

  • Twenty-one genuine purple, lavender and diamond crystals on the front and one purple crystal on the back to complete the design with extra sparkle.
  • High-quality 14k gold-plated brass for the embossed text, symbol outlines, and outside edge ring.
  • All of the colors are hand-painted. Due to variations in available paint, weather conditions when they are made, and so forth, the colors can vary slightly from what is shown in the picture. 
  • 34mm (1.34 inches) diameter.
  • The chip is slightly thicker than 14 gauge because of the resin-sealed dome that gives it its shine.
  • Chip and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean with a cloth.
  • The thick resin coating keeps it vibrant through the years. 
  • Great for use like a worry stone (a worry chip!).
  • Convenient size to be carried in your pocket, purse, or wallet.
  • It can be added to a keychain chip holder, necklace chip holder, or Big Book cover with a chip holder.

Hand Crafted
All of our Crystalized Bling Recovery Chips are crystalized by hand by people in recovery. We always hire people in recovery - learn more.

Original Design
We are the originator of the crystalized sobriety chip and take pride in our work to create each one.

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