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CLEAN AF Celebration Box

CLEAN AF Celebration Box

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The CLEAN AF Celebration Box - the perfect way to celebrate that edgy friend of yours who is CLEAN AF! This extraordinary gift box is designed to honor and support your loved ones who have are clean, making it ideal for any occasion, not just birthdays. Whether you want to celebrate a sobriety milestone, show your appreciation for your sponsor, cheer on your sponsees, or simply express your pride for friends and family members who are CLEAN AF, this box has got you covered!

Inside the Clean Celebration Box:

  1. 11 oz Mug with CLEAN AF Logo: Start your day with a reminder of your commitment to a clean and healthy lifestyle. This sleek mug proudly displays the CLEAN AF logo, letting everyone know that you're on a journey to better yourself.

  2. Fresh Scented 5.5 oz Candle with CLEAN AF Logo on Lid and Matches: Create a calming atmosphere with this scented candle. The lid features the CLEAN AF logo, and the box includes matches for convenience. Light this candle to set the mood for reflection and relaxation.

  3. Black Bandana with CLEAN AF Logo: Stay stylish and connected to your commitment with this trendy black bandana. Adorned with the CLEAN AF logo, it's the perfect accessory for your clean and confident look.

  4. 4" CLEAN AF Decal: Show your support wherever you go by proudly displaying this 4-inch CLEAN AF decal on your car, laptop, or anywhere you'd like. Let the world know about your journey towards a better life.

  5. The 12 EFF'n Step Bookmark: Stay inspired and motivated with this bookmark that outlines the 12 steps of a clean life. It's a constant reminder of your progress and commitment.

  6. White Confetti Shred: This elegant white confetti shred cradles the contents inside the box, adding a touch of sophistication to your gift.

  7. Flamed Edge CLEAN AF Logo Gatefold: The CLEAN AF logo gatefold sits on top of the other gifts inside the box, creating an enticing presentation that builds anticipation for what's inside.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • CLEAN TIME Tri-Plate Medallion: Elevate your celebration to a new level by adding a CLEAN TIME Tri-Plate Medallion. This medallion is the perfect symbol of the journey and can turn your box into a celebration of years of clean living.

  • Gold or Silver Chip Keychain Holder: Choose from a gold or silver keychain holder to keep your keys organized and stylishly support your clean and sober lifestyle. It's a practical and meaningful addition to your CLEAN AF Celebration Box.

In summary, the CLEAN AF Celebration Box is a thoughtfully curated collection of items designed to celebrate and support your journey towards a cleaner, healthier life. It's an excellent gift for anyone who is CLEAN AF and deserves recognition for their commitment to sobriety. So, order your Celebration Box today and make every day a celebration such your success!

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