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CLEAN As Fuck Celebration Box

CLEAN As Fuck Celebration Box

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Introducing the CLEAN As Fuck Celebration Box!

Are you ready to celebrate that extraordinary, edgy friend of yours who's as CLEAN As Fuck? Look no further! Our CLEAN As Fuck Celebration Box is here to help you honor and cherish the badass in your life on any occasion, not just birthdays. Whether it's your CLEAN As Fuck sponsor, sponsees, friends, or family members, this unique gift is designed to show your love, support, and appreciation in the boldest way possible!

Inside the Celebration Box, you'll find a curated collection of items that scream "CLEAN As Fuck" from every angle:

  1. CLEAN As Fuck Logo Mug (11 oz): Start your day off right with this badass coffee mug, featuring the unmistakable CLEAN As Fuck logo. Whether you're sipping on a hot brew or a refreshing cold beverage, this mug is the perfect companion for your clean lifestyle.

  2. Fresh Scented Candle (5.5 oz): Set the mood with our scented candle, sporting the CLEAN As Fuck logo on the lid. Light it up and bask in the soothing aroma while you reflect on your clean journey. Matches are included for your convenience.

  3. CLEAN As Fuck Bandana: Make a bold fashion statement with this black bandana, proudly displaying the CLEAN As Fuck logo. Whether you wear it around your neck, as a headband, or in your back pocket, you'll look undeniably cool and CLEAN As Fuck.

  4. CLEAN As Fuck Decal (4"): Stick it wherever you please! This 4-inch decal lets you proudly showcase your commitment to a CLEAN As Fuck life. Whether it's on your laptop, car, or water bottle, let the world know that you're on a mission.

  5. The 12 Fuck'n Step Bookmark: Keep your place in your favorite book with this eye-catching bookmark, featuring the 12 steps you've lived in style. Reading has never been so inspiring!

  6. White Confetti Shred: Inside the box, you'll find all these incredible gifts carefully cradled in white confetti shred, adding a touch of elegance to the unapologetically badass contents.

  7. Flamed Edge CLEAN AF Logo Gatefold: As you open the box, you'll be greeted by a flamed edge gatefold featuring the CLEAN AF logo, creating a grand reveal that sets the tone for the awesome gifts inside.

Optional Add-Ons (because you deserve even more awesomeness):

  • CLEAN TIME Tri-Plate Medallion: Turn your box into a true Celebration of Years with this optional add-on. Display your hard-earned milestones with dignity, and let the world know how CLEAN As Fuck you really are.

  • Gold or Silver Keychain Holder: Choose between gold or silver to keep your keys safe and stylishly organized. Attach it to your bag, belt loop, or anywhere you desire and take a piece of CLEAN As Fuck with you wherever you go.

The CLEAN As Fuck Celebration Box is more than just a gift; it's a statement. It's a symbol of resilience, determination, and the power of transformation. So, whether you're celebrating a milestone, showing support, or simply letting your edgy clean friend know how much you care, do it with flair, do it CLEAN As Fuck!

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