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Crystallized Circle Triangle Purse Key Finder

Crystallized Circle Triangle Purse Key Finder

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There's always a problem when it comes to finding stuff in our bags, we run late or we move around and need to keep things in one place... what better way to do this than with a Purse Key Finder, the perfect gift for the woman in recovery that needs to keep things organized.

This lovely item comes in a gold-like finish featuring a hook design to hang on any purse. The medallion at the start of the hook features the AA symbol with lovely crystal beads of your choice surrounded by a cluster of smaller circles creating a lovely pattern that is unique, for a unique person.

We understand the importance of honoring sobriety at Gift of Recovery. That's why since 1989, we've been providing AA, NA and other Recovery gifts and tools - the best selection available. Let us help be a reminder of your sober journey to support and celebrate you in your recovery!

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