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Alcoholics Anonymous "Don't Look Back" Bar Necklace By Recovery Matters

Alcoholics Anonymous "Don't Look Back" Bar Necklace By Recovery Matters

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Recovery Matters

Alcoholics Anonymous "Don't look back..." bar necklace with four charms:
A silver-toned bar which reads -
"Don't look back, that's not where you're going"
A small silver-toned AA symbol
A bronze-toned arrow with clear zirconia crystals in it
A gold-toned compass with a clear zirconia crystal, so you can find your way
Adjustable chain 16" to 18"
costume jewelry

~~Our story, Recovery, inside and out, is The Latest Thing.~~
We are delighted that you own one of our pieces
as a personal reminder of your journey.

The Latest Thing Inc., including all of our divisions,
12 Step Gold & Silver Jewelry, Recovery Mint and
Recovery Matters, are fully owned and operated
by people in recovery

We offer inspirational 12 Step gifts that are chosen
or created, packaged and shipped by the local recovery
community we hire. Our company is committed to serving
our customers, our recovery staff and above all, God,
as we understand him

As an owner is recovery, I have an amazing job that I LOVE.
it is my privilege to serve, create jobs and give back to the
recovery community! I want to personally thank you for
being a part of our mission by purchasing from
The Latest Thing.

Blessing to you ~ Kimberly Funk,
Owner of The Latest Thing


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