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Rule 62 - I'm Riding My Pink Cloud... Until It Bursts

Rule 62 - I'm Riding My Pink Cloud... Until It Bursts

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That’s right!! Oh, and don’t look over the edge; you don’t want to fall off before the ride is over. So, buckle up and ride that cloud until it bursts. Riding the pink cloud can be such a rush, too. We can be so happy in these moments. That’s why this collectible cloud charm is so pink and fluffy, so you can remember to be happy in your cloud moments. The “chill tool” Can be carried in your pocket as a reminder to let go of your worries and let your cloud take them away.

The Rule 62 collection is made up of 3”x 3” inspirational reminder cards. Each card is creative and colorful. They poke fun at our AA humor. The cards have snips from various places like the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous or are drawn from the many funny sayings heard by newcomers and old-timers alike. Rule 62 cards are a great way to pack joy into the flow of life. The cards can sit well on a desk or bookshelf, be used as a bookmark, or you can pass it on! Each card includes a “Chill Tool” to hint at the humorous quotes you or somebody you know may need to bring you back to Rule 62: “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously” (12x12 pg.149).

Why so serious?

We all have that person in our life who can use a kick in the right direction or someone who doesn’t need to take themselves too damn seriously. Haven’t we all been too serious in this business of recovery from time to time? This collection creates a fun reminder to take with you or share along the recovery journey. It is a journey, not a race. Have some fun along the way. We take our program seriously, not ourselves.

Stay humble, friends.

Learn to laugh in the lessons. We are not a glum lot!

Collect them all!!

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