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Rule 62 Pig with Wings - You Can Drink When Pigs Fly

Rule 62 Pig with Wings - You Can Drink When Pigs Fly

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You can drink when pigs fly. Yes, that’s what it says. So, unless you see a pig fly, guess we’re not drinking today. This adorable silver pig “chill tool” is complete with wings, for an added reminder. This card and charm are simply the perfect gift to pass along to newcomers and a great tool for communication.

The Rule 62 collection features compact 3" x 3" inspirational reminder cards bursting with creativity and color. These cards playfully embrace our AA humor, with snippets sourced from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and amusing sayings commonly heard by both newcomers and seasoned members.

These Rule 62 cards are a wonderful means of injecting joy into everyday life. Whether gracing your desk or bookshelf, serving as a trusty bookmark, or shared with others, they offer a lighthearted perspective on recovery.

Each card comes complete with a whimsical, frosted donut charm known as the "Chill Tool." This delightful addition serves as a gentle reminder of the humor and levity needed to embrace Rule 62's essence: "Don't take yourself too damn seriously" (12x12 pg.149).

Why so serious?

We all have that person in our life who can use a kick in the right direction or someone who doesn’t need to take themselves too damn seriously. Haven’t we all been too serious in this business of recovery from time to time? This collection creates a fun reminder to take with you or share along the recovery journey. It is a journey, not a race. Have some fun along the way. We take our program seriously, not ourselves.

Stay humble, friends. Learn to laugh in the lessons. We are not a glum lot!
Collect them all!!

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