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Sober AF Celebration Box

Sober AF Celebration Box

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Introducing the Sober AF Celebration Box – the ultimate way to honor and celebrate your edgy, sober friend or loved one in style! This exceptional collection of items is designed not just for birthdays, but for any special occasion that calls for a meaningful and supportive gesture. Whether you're celebrating a milestone in their recovery journey, showing appreciation to your Sober AF sponsor or sponsees, or simply letting your friends and family members know how proud you are of their sobriety, this box is the perfect choice.

We also have an unabbreviated version here.

Inside the Sober Celebration Box, you'll find a thoughtfully curated selection of items that beautifully encapsulate the spirit of sobriety:

  1. 11 oz Mug with Sober AF Logo: Start your day with a warm cup of inspiration as you sip your favorite beverage from this stylish mug, proudly featuring the Sober AF logo. It's a constant reminder of strength and resilience.

  2. Fresh Scented 5.5 oz Candle with Sober AF Logo on Lid and Matches: Light up this beautifully scented candle to create a calming atmosphere and let the soothing aroma fill the room. The candle's lid adorned with the Sober AF logo adds a touch of meaning, and included matches make it easy to set the mood.

  3. Black Bandana with Sober AF Logo: A versatile accessory that showcases the Sober AF dignity, this black bandana can be worn in various styles, adding a trendy and edgy touch to any outfit.

  4. 4" Sober AF Decal: This high-quality decal is perfect for personalizing notebooks, water bottles, laptops, or any surface you want to adorn with the Sober AF message.

  5. The 12 EFF'n Step Bookmark: Keep your place in your favorite recovery literature with this handy and humorous bookmark, reminding you of the essential twelve steps with a touch of edgy humor.

  6. White Confetti Shred: The contents of your Sober AF Celebration Box are delicately nestled in a bed of white confetti shred, adding a touch of elegance and ensuring a memorable unboxing experience.

  7. Flamed Edge Sober AF Logo Gatefold: The Sober AF logo gatefold sits atop the other gifts in the box, enhancing the presentation and showcasing the Sober AF spirit with style.

Optional Add Ons:

  • White, Red, or Black Tri-Plate Medallion: Transform your box into a Celebration of Years by adding a medallion that symbolizes the number of years your friend or loved one has been sober. This addition adds a meaningful touch to your gift.

  • Gold or Silver Keychain Holder: Choose from gold or silver keychain holders to further personalize the chip. These keychain holders are perfect for keeping keys organized and serving as a constant reminder of their sobriety journey.

In summary, the Sober AF Celebration Box is a unique and heartfelt way to celebrate, support, and express your admiration for the Sober AF individuals in your life. It's a thoughtful gift that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a tangible reminder of strength, resilience, and the journey to recovery. Whether it's for a special occasion or a spontaneous gesture of love and support, this box is sure to make a lasting impression.

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