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Sterling Silver, Alcoholics Anonymous Women In Recovery Pendant (Small)

Sterling Silver, Alcoholics Anonymous Women In Recovery Pendant (Small)

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There is power in reminders of the path one has walked. Reminders of the accomplishments one has made, reminders in the choices one made. This lovely pendant is a beautiful reminder to give and own. A celebration of the women in your life who have walked the path of recovery and keep on growing and coming into themselves. This design features the silhouette of a woman with her arms raised, creating the AA symbol.

Make a personal statement with this unique AA Women in Recovery pendant. Carefully crafted in sterling silver with clean lines, the elegant design allows you to express your commitment to recovery with simple elegance. Keep it close wherever you go and be assured that you can always depend on the hard-wearing metal used for years to come.

We understand the importance of honoring sobriety at Gift of Recovery. That's why since 1989, we've been providing AA, NA and other Recovery gifts and tools - the best selection available. Let us help be a reminder of your sober journey to support and celebrate you in your recovery!

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