Collection: Recovery Gifts for Women

Looking for that magic gift that will delight and inspire your female sober loved ones? Look no further! Our collection of sobriety gifts for women includes 12-step books, journals, oracle cards, bling box chip holders, 14k gold and sterling silver jewelry. 

A History of Women in Alcoholics Anonymous

Women have always been a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. Reflecting American culture in its slow but certain acceptance of women as equal partners in the business of living, AA in the early days was at first dominated by the desperate men who banded together to reckon with an out-of-control drinking problem. The double standard that was applied to women in general in the late 1930’s made it more difficult, at first, for women to be welcomed into the fold. But the first AA members recognized that women suffer too, and that they were similarly subject to the dread disease of alcoholism.

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