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"We Are Not a Glum Lot!"

Humor in 12 Step Recovery Programs

Perhaps laughter is the last thing someone new expects when they walk into a 12-Step meeting. The prospect of being clean and sober sounds like a dour, joyless task. Yet it happens that finding joy and laughter is fundamental to finding and living a meaningful life in recovery. Many look back at their stony resistance to joining a 12 Step Recovery Program because they believed that life would NEVER be FUN again. After only a little while in a recovery program, new members realize their mistake. Being loaded, being 'out of it,' isn't really enjoyable. And living clean and sober actually requires them to learn how to have some fun. How ironic some feel when they realize this conundrum. Learning how to lighten up, laugh and enjoy the day is likely fundamental to long-term success. New members are shocked to learn that a guiding principle of 12 Step Recovery life is adding some humor and fun to their daily experience of living. "Without a drink or substance?" the cynic might ask. "Absolutely! Sobriety, clean living is when the fun begins," the long-timer replies.

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